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New York On Air

  • 120% month-over-month for six consecutive months
  • ROAS was a a whooping $300 in revenue from every $20 on ad spend
  • Cost per lead was only $10

Weby worked closely with New York On Air to:

  • Develop a brand tailored to its demographic
  • Create an SEO structure to rank in the highly competitive NYC search engine market
  • Adopt an e-Commerce that is easy to navigate and that appealed to the mass consumer
  • Offer upgrades at check-out similar to the ones on airline websites.

Campaign I: A Helicopter Experience For The Family

New York On Air had traditionally offered thrilling doors-off helicopter rides over New York City, yet the Company felt it could reach a wider audience if it opened up to a more family-friendly consumer.

All these elements focused on creating a tailored experience for families to enjoy the New York skyline from a different perspective.

By employing content specific to families, website traffic grew by 120% month-over-month for six months straight.

Branding was also key in reaching the target demographic as we wanted to demonstrate the simplicity of booking online as well as a logo that could be identified by all ages.

Campaign II: Above the Noise

We came up with a winning formula using Facebook click-to-Messenger ads + video creative + drip campaigns + audience intelligence.

We pointed leads across the web (like reviews sites Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor) to contact the client on Messenger -where they were available 24/7. The content combined chatbots to answer FAQs (directions, what to bring, what to wear) with their high-touch sales teams. The result? satisfied customers and an incredible boos in sales.

With this winning formula:

  • The campaign’s cost per lead with click-to-Messenger ads was only $10.
  • At an average customer value of $300,  FlyNYON made $20K in revenue from our ads in bookings a week.
  • And 100% of the qualified leads (1,800 in 6 months) turned into sales!

This allowed New York On Air to quickly start generating more bookings via an Organic, Paid Social, Affiliate, and Influencer marketing. This mixed strategy allowed New York On Air to generate $1.5m in revenue from July to December 2018.

This showcases the power of online marketing, and if executed correctly it can lead to fast business growth.

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