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Hype & Vice

  • Campaigned increased the store's in revenue by 18%
  • Increase in web traffic of 42.3% month over month in a six month period

Hype & Vice contacted Weby looking to increase their Search Engine standings to better position itself in Google Shopping and Google Images. The organic strategy allowed for an increase in web traffic with growth of 42.3% month over month in a six month period. Given that Gen-Z likes visuals via social networks, Weby ecommended adding Paid Social into the mix.

Holiday Campaign for Black Friday 2020

Customizing a funnel to attract qualified users and encouraging return users via promotions allowed H&V to leverage their social ads budget to maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS.)

As trends accelerate to a “digital-contact first” shopping, Weby is hard at work to provide a superior service that maximizes online exposure via a mix of Organic (SEO), Paid Search, Paid Social, Analytics & appealing content.



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