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  • 5 months after the revamp organic online sales revenue (revenue that excludes paid ads) went up 9% and quantity or products sold increased 18%
  • Product checkouts increased 42%
  • Average user session (time spent on site) increased 7%


Erica Liu Williams, the founder of Gr8nola, contacted Weby to increase her site’s sales.

We identified important areas of opportunity. Namely, the site was failing to convey what exactly made gr8nola unique (which is key to help people appreciate her premium products). Further on, the site was text-heavy and used too many colors; all of this was taking focus away from the key brand messages that make gr8nola exciting.

The objective of the project, which is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), was focused on content writing and User Experience (UX) redesign aimed at driving up conversion and average order value (AOV).

Prior to making any changes, we heat-mapped gr8nola’s old site with Hotjar and tracked traffic behavior and analytics so we could better inform our decisions.

Here’s a summary of each major change we did on Gr8nola’s website.

Hero Section


The previous header was busy and used ambiguous language.



We placed a more exciting header, clarified from the get-go how the products are unique and placed customer reviews to help newcomers trust the brand.

Addition of Press Logos

Gr8nola has gotten some great press which was formerly hidden on the Story page. Being featured in Forbes and Business Insider are huge assets for credibility among new customers, so we put them front and center.

Header Navigation

We reduced the navigation options. The rest of the links were sent to the bottom of the page to keep the header navigation menu focused on pages that convert sales.



The bright colors made the site look busy.


We wanted to make the site look cleaner, so we removed the background colors. We also displayed the bundle offers that would drive up Average Order Value (AOV).

Influencer Testimonials


Previously, the homepage displayed long customer testimonials that lacked photos of the actual customers.


Since gr8nola has received great influencer love, we decided to give highlight quotes and videos provided by influencers such as Halle Berry, Nigel Barker and others.

“Why Gr8nola?” Section


There used to be 4 icons on the homepage below the customer’s testimonial section that conveyed features about the brand. But these unassociated facts were not directly related to why gr8nola is worth trying.


We identified the key brand differentiators and decided to be more thoughtful in the information hierarchy.

What’s Inside Section → New “Gr8 Benefits” Page


The old “What’s Inside” section on the homepage was text-heavy, too colorful, and difficult to read.

AFTER (New “Gr8 Benefits” Page):


This valuable information was moved to a new page called “Gr8 Benefits” (found in the main header navigation) and it was significalty augmented.

The new page provides an interactive experience for users to explore what makes unique each gr8nola flavor.  It also educates customers on why gr8nola was created and how it is different to competitors. Thereby, we clarified how gr8nola has strong competitive advantages.

Overall, this page is meant to entice consumers to understand the product, trust it, try it, and recommend it.

“Founder/Story” Section


The founder section was text-heavy and you couldn’t even see Erica’s face. We wanted to show her face to increase trust and perceived liability in her and the brand. Secondly, we wanted the copy to place more importance on the consumer.


This new section now shows her smiling and the copy is shorter and focused on the consumer. It’s also followed by a video that adds a more human and personal touch to the brand, and by a carrousel of a few of the big-name brands that choose to put gr8nola in their office kitchens.

Product Page



We implemented best practices and made the following changes:

  1. Larger product image
  2. Removed colored circle behind the products for a cleaner look
  3. The thumbnail gallery of images are on the left instead of the bottom
  4. Product variations (pack size) are all visible immediately
  5. Customer now sees an “In Stock” or “Out of Stock”
  6. As the users scroll down, they now see “Recommended Products” above “Customer Reviews” in order to drive upsell -before they were at the very bottom of the page

At the bottom of the page, we added more information and product details. For a full appreciation of the product page, go to: https://www.gr8nola.com/products/the-original?variant=13611271716954

Thanks for reading!

We hope you can appreciate the Conversion Rate Optimization work we did on gr8nola.com, Erica certainly did!

5 months after the revamp:

  • Organic online sales revenue (revenue that excludes paid ads) went up 9% and the quantity of products sold increased 18%
  • Product checkouts increased 42%
  • Average user session (time spent on site) increased 7%
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