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Full Spectrum Laser

  • 20% increase in sales as a result of the campaign compared to sales on previous quarter.


Full Spectrum Laser: A tool for all ages

After formulating a formidable brand strategy, we led the creation of content that positioned Full Spectrum’s  3D and Laser Printers as technology designed for hobbyists and tinkerers alike.

To make the consumer feel comfortable, we made video tutorials to show the capabilities of FSL’s machines: cutting and engraving a variety of materials with unparalleled ease of use.

Turning Dreamers Into Makers

In our tutorials, we made sure to highlight FSL’s proprietary software. RetinaEngrave was designed to make complex jobs print as easily as your regular desktop printer.

Highlighting ease-of-use software capabilities

To further encourage community engagement, we ran weekly campaigns where customers sent in their creations in exchange for social media exposure. This encouraged small business owners to showcase the best of their creations to a highly engaged audience.

Showcasing customer creations!

As part of this campaign, we created video testimonials to give a vote of confidence to all those interested in purchasing a Full Spectrum Laser machine.

Testimonials give a “vote of confidence” to your products.

Overall, the company saw sustained growth in website traffic, higher social media engagement, and overall growth in sales!

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